Now this is what a Canadian fly-in fishing trip all about. We have all winter to dream about it.

Chris Burford on the river at Bill's lake with another nice northern pike. Seems that Chris knows how to find those big ones. He even had some good luck catching some nice Brook Trout.

Rob Thompson on Madison Lake in June

A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work !!!!!!!!

Canadian Fly-IN Fishing

Bruce and the boys on Madison Lake in July

Canadian Fly-IN Fishing

Claude likes to brag on the number of pike the caught and release the time they were there,,, A whopping 355 fish !!!!!!!

Tom Moorehead's Grand Kids

Tom's Grand sons first time on a snowmobile on Boxing day. Now Tom Jr. will have to get his boys a toy they really enjoyed for the first time. 

Winner of the 2011 Fly-In fishing contest

James DeViney from Ohio will enjoy his next fly-in fishing trip.  Seems that French lake walleye are much bigger now with our catch and release policy. Merry Christmas too all who sent in pictures for this year's contest.

Pumkin-Head's Moose on French Lake

Well is this not Pumkin-Head next to the moose he did not shoot --- Seems he was doing something else that morning---Calling Moose from the ''Out-House'' so he says.